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Welcome to the SALT Shaker! Scroll down to catch up with SALT updates and traceability news from around the world! As always, please visit the Dive Deeper library for new resources, the Seascape Map to look for traceability initiatives worldwide, and Story Hub for our blogs. Now, let's dive in!

General Updates

Today, May 2nd is World Tuna Day! Tuna is one of the most iconic and high-value seafood traded globally, providing employment and food for millions of people. Over the past few years, SALT produced many resources related to tuna traceability. Scroll down to the Seas the Days section to learn more!

After years of working in the virtual cubicles, it was nice to see the success of a global in-person event like the 2022 Our Ocean Conference in Palau. There, USAID announced 24 new and ongoing initiatives to conserve and protect our oceans, including SALT's collaborative effort to promote legal and sustainable fisheries by improving transparency in seafood supply chains.

Last but not least, SALT is kicking off a project which aims to fill the knowledge gaps in scaling electronic traceability programs in the seafood sector. We are seeking a consultant with expertise in scaling electronic systems in supply chains in major commodity-producing countries. Learn more about this opportunity here, and thank you for sharing with your network!

Regional Updates

Collaborative Traceability Project Brings Triple Impact to Tanzanian Fisheries

SALT recently hosted a webinar to launch a project between the Government of Tanzania, USAID Mission in Tanzania, SALT,  and its local partner Aqua Farms Organization and fisheries and education consultant, Yahya Mgawe. The webinar brought together more than 70 participants from 10 countries who are dedicated to improving seafood traceability in Tanzania. Check out our blog to learn how this collaborative project promises to bring triple impact to Tanzanian fisheries. 

Bringing Seafood Traceability Principles and the Spirit of Collaboration to Latin American and the Caribbean

SALT hosted two workshops in Spanish to create an open forum to discuss traceability challenges and efforts to combat IUU fishing. Government officials, NGO representatives, industry, and other stakeholders in the Latin American and Caribbean region all shared their thoughts and ideas. We put together learnings from the workshops and links to the recording, all in one place!

We are glad to welcome The Pacific CommunityBlueTrace, Transparentem, SeafoodCheck, Open SC, Salience, and more to the SALT Seascape of seafood traceability and counter-IUU fishing efforts. If you would like to see your organization featured, let us know! Also, we've added a great deal of new resources to Dive Deeper in the past months. Here are some of them:

Seas the Day - World Tuna Day

Over the past years, SALT produced many resources related to tuna traceability. Why tuna? Their complex supply chains make it harder to track the fish. Most tuna fisheries occur on the high seas, away from oversight for months at a time, and events like transshipment mask the origin and legality of the fish. Click the icons below to learn more about global efforts to make tuna traceable!

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